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Adoum Gede Welo ~

is a spirit of the Bizango sosyete.  Escorted by three oracular spirits or ’bo’, Adoum predicts the past, the future and current events. I used a large urn shaped vessel to hold his energy, dental damns for mouths of the oracles and a human skull as the repository of his energy.  His horns represent his holy nature -- Moses was often shown with horns symbolizing divine knowledge. I have given Adoum the same courtesy, as sign of his sublime nature.

Adoum is crafted from epoxy resin, ceramic clay, composite bone and acrylic teeth. He is painted in acrylics, oils and pastel crayon, with a matt finish to protect the colors from fading.  He wears genuine cattle horns, and the entire vessel sits on a wooden foot.  He is approximately 18 inches wide from horn tip to tip, and 12 inches high from base to the top of his skull. He is a strong, determined energy, who needs a firm hand to direct him. But his vision is diamond clear, and he will tell you the truth - whether you wish to hear it or not!


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