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Aida Wedo ~

Is the wife of Danbala Wedo. Where Danbala is seen as the repository of common ancestors, Aida is the repository of royal ones. Her worship never fully came to the new world, because the kings of Africa kept the royal members there, rather than sell them to slavers for the plantations of the Caribbean. I created Aida as a beautiful, feminine woman with a serpentine body.  Her head is crowned with wings, just like the image of her that adorns the West African palaces of Benin. Flowing lines, garden of Eden greenery and serpents all entwine to create the beautiful Rainbow Serpent of Vodou mythology.

Aida Wedo is approximately 14” tall, and is crafted over a glass armature with epoxy clay, metal and resin. She is painted in acrylics and finished with a matt resin to keep her colors from fading.


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