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Fresh Green Vitality for all your needs, wants and desires

bath_herbs (2)Bathing in Haiti has more to do with cleansing the soul than just washing off the daily dust and grime of life. Baths are considered powerful magic, capable of changing your thoughts, your energy signature, your very being. During my training, it was taught to me that as a Manbo I would be required to know the many bathes of Vodou - the leaves and herbs that go into them, the waters and scents that mix them, and their many uses. It's a life time of study, but fortunately, as trained aromatherapist, I had a slight leg up on the job!

We use only the freshest material available for our bathes - we grow most of our own herbs, and work with certified organic growers for the rest. Our spices are purchased fresh, our resins are hand ground. We make every effort to ensure you get the freshest bathes available. That way, the vital energies of the plants is there, ready to go to work on your limbic system and help facilitate the change you are looking for.

Non-initiates frequently request baths from Houngans, Manbos, medsen fey ("leaf doctor"), based on the particular need of the person. There are baths for luck, love and money.  There are purification baths to cleanse the soul and prepare for special work.  Purification baths are taken by Houngans and Manbos before conducting important ceremonies.

The word for bath in Haitian Kreyol is "ben", from the French "bain". I learned how to do many bathes while in Haiti, and added them to the long list of ones I already knew.  There is a bath for luck that is good for someone heading down to the Casinos.  It's called a "ben chans". Translated, it means luck bath. There are "ben fey" or leaf baths for all kinds of ailments and complaints; "ben lezanj", literally angel bath for a special blessing on newborns; "ben pou renmen", our most popular one, a bath for love; "ben ame", bitter bath, to repel evil entities; and many, many others.

Depending on what the bath was for, you may be required to leave the materials on your person for a period of time - typically anywhere from an hour to one day up to three days, depending on the severity of the problem and how it was addressed.  By materials, we mean the leaves and spices, perfumes and waters of the bath itself.  This is not always a bad thing - but it can be an odiferous experience!

If you wish to take the bath alone, prepackaged baths are listed below for you to use in the privacy of your home.  Each 8 oz. package comes with explicit directions on how to prepare it, prayers to the Lwa who is the pwen (point) of the bath and directions for setting up the bath ritually.  A Fey Lave here at Sosyete de Marche is also available as well.  For a more concise mixture for problems that might not fit into the categories below, please contact Manbo Vye Zo and and talk  about what your are looking for with her

The Basic Baths of Sosyete du Marche - all are $51.00

White Ancestral  Bath 1 - Purification bath, removes negative vibes, helps you attune to the power of your Ancestors.

White Danbala Bath 2 - This bath is created on the point of Dambala Wedo and Aida Wedo, the rainbow Serpents of creation. Created to bring the calming, steady energy of Dambala into your life, you will love this cool, minty bath!

Pink Erzulie Freda Bath - This bath is created on the point of Erzulie Freda, Vodou Lwa of abundance, love and passion.  When you are looking to kick start your romantic life, this is the bath to use!

Rose Erzulie Freda Bath - This bath is also created on the point of Erzulie Freda but for a different purpose - to help resolve conflicts of love and passion.  Argued with your partner? Then take this bath and find communion with your loved one.

Blue La Siren Bath - This bath is created on the point of LaSiren/La Balen. It is a good bath for overly emotional situations, for calming your senses and restoring peace. Clears your head, balances your energies and aligns the subtle bodies.

Navy Agwe Bath - This bath is created on the point on Agwe Tawayo, sovereign of the seas, wealth and material goods. Heading out on adventure? Looking for the wealth of the world? Take Agwe's bath before hand, and be ready for opportunity when it arrives!

Yellow Erzulie Dantor Bath - This bath is created on the point of Erzulie Dantor, the Lwa of hard working women and men. Life seem a little bit too much lately - too many duties, too little time? Take a night off and use this bath to help restore your sense of self and empowerment.

Red Ogoun Bath - This bath is created on the point of Ogoun. A warrior's bath, take this when you need energy to complete the difficult, physical task at hand. Use before any circumstance that requires courage and energy to overcome obstacles.

Green Gran Bwa Bath - This bath is created on the point of Gran Bwa. Tap into the energy of the forest with these herbs and resins. A powerful bath for restoring steady, growing energy.

Purple Maman Brigette Bath - This bath is created on the point of Maman Brigette. Excellent for court  decisions, rulings and judgments.

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