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Bottles: Vodou shrines for your altar and personal use

bottlesThe these beautiful bottles are called in Kreyol "Boutey Lwa" - Lwa bottles, for they are made on the point of a particular Lwa and are dedicated to them as an offering and altar.

Boutey Lwa are often used as magical boci - protective icons that confer a Lwa's energy signature to the bearer. In ancient west Africa, boci were made specifically for kings and rulers by boci priests - men and women trained especially in the creation of magic and sacred objects. These practitioners were not unlike the sorcerers of Europe, fashioning power objects from the materials around them, then giving those objects power by naming them, and focusing them on specific tasks or duties.

A boutey is like a repository for the Lwa's power. Packed with materials that draw the Lwa to you, it acts as a focus for your work and your service. In Africa, boci were fashioned from clay or wood and were shaped like the human form. Haiti vodousants are very clever. Without the natural resources such as clay, they looked at an empty, discarded bottle and said, "That has a human form..” and Voila! Boutey were born.  In Haiti today, they retain the boci imagery by adding the Creole twist of being a repository as well as a focal point for the Lwa. Some boutey are just decorative - they are meant to hold liquid offerings for the Lwa. But these boutey are much more than just pretty objects for your altar. They are "alive" with the inherit energy of the Lwa they were made for. Each one is created uniquely for the client - we use the appropriate colors, imagery and items for each Lwa. Manbo Vye Zo ties each one for you - a true hand made work of art and spirit. Ayibobo!

Legba_boutey veve
Legba Atibon
Legba opens the way for all the other Lwa to bring blessings. Place this boutey at your front door and ask the Great Opener to open the way to all possibilities for you
Legba boutey $100.00

Marasa_sm veve
The Marassa
The Sacred Twins Vodou. The Marasa are capricious, playful, wrathful and generous, they confer great health to children, wondrous blessings to their servitors and a double energy to all magical endeavors.
Marassa's boutey $100.00

Loko_sm veve
Papa Loko
Father of the Initiates and a Master of Herbal medicines. Many songs speak to Loko's abilities to heal. Place Loko's boutey in your bedroom, to receive Loko's healing blessings as you sleep.
Loko Boutey $100.00

Ayizan_veve (2)
Ayizan Velekete
The Mother of the Initiates and ruler of the Marketplace.  Ayizan is  a crafty business woman, and can bring great prosperity to your work. Place her boutey in your office for good business ashe!
Ayizan's  boutey $100.00

Siren_sm veve
Wife of Agwe and sister of LaBalen. Ocean colors and Diosa la Mer are Her images. Lasiren confers love and marriage to her servitors.
LaSiren Boutey $100.00

Freda (2)
Erzulie Freda
Lwa of love and abundance. Pink and pale blue are the colors, the Mater Dolorosa her image. Keep Freda’s boutey in your bedroom, to bring your desire to you!
Freda Boutey $100.00

Dantor_sm veve
Ezili Dantor
Protector of single mothers and children. Blue and gold are the colors, the Black Madonna her image. Keep Dantor’s boutey near your business, to bring powerful ashe to you.
Dantor Boutey $100.00

SenJak_sm veve
Lwa of energy and protection. Red and blue with gold accents, St. Jacques is the image. Keep Ogoun’s  boutey in your home for protection and to give you boundless energy for your work and your pleasures!
Ogoun Boutey $100.00

Agwe_sm veve
Agwe Ta’ Wayo
Master of the ocean, and the richest of the Lwa. Sovereign of the Seas, Agwe owns all the wealth, power and minerals of the oceans. Place his boutey near your valuables, and allow his ashe to keep you secure!
Agwe's boutey $100.00

Gran Simba
Mother of the Simbi nation. Gran Simba brings wisdom by cutting through emotions. Keep her boutey close when traveling or vacationing near water - She saves drowning men
Gran Simba Boutey $100.00

GranBwa_boutey veve
Gran Bwa Ile
Master of the Woods. Gran Bwa owns the power of all the plants in the world.  Gran Bwa walks with the Ancestors. Call upon Him for Ancestral knowledge and truths.
Gran Bwa's Boutey $100.00

Bossou_sm veve
Bossou Kadja

The tri-horned bull of Vodou, powerful and strong. Bossou brings all the magic of fertility and fortune to his servitors. Place His boutey in your home, when you need his strength.
Bossou's boutey $100.00

Simbi_sm veve
Simbi Dlo
The Kongo magician of Vodou. Envisioned as a snake, Simbi Dlo confers magical healing to hard cases. Shy but hard working, Simbi will bring resolution to any conflict and can confer his ashe to any person he chooses as worthy.
Simbi's Boutey $100.00

Gran Ibo
Ancient feminine wisdom, Mother of the Ibo nation. The canary is her messenger, yellow and white her color. Keep the boutey near your bed, to receive messages from your ancestors in your dreams.
Gran Ibo Boutey $100.00

Baron_veve (2)
The Baron
Father of the Gedes and ruler of cemeteries, graveyards and the Dead. This beautiful boutey is filled with objects and items that are sacred and special to the Baron. Place it where you serve your ancestors and let the Baron work his magic for you!
Baron boutey $100.00

Brijit_sm veve
Maman Brigitte

Mother of the Gedes. She rules cemeteries and forgotten places. Brijit  is Blind Justice, weighing us all as equal in death. Keep her boutey near you when dealing with courts or judicial decisions
Brigitt's Boutey $100.00

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