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BREW HYRDOWhen distilling essential oils, the by-product of the steam process is called Hydrosol. While not as potent as essential oil, hydrosols still carry the scent and signature of the plant that was distilled. We carry a small, select line of hydrosols for the discriminating magical practitioner.

Hydrosols can be used in many ways to enhance your magical work. You can spray them on your skin for easy absorption. We spray them around the temple and over the altars just prior to ritual to change the vibration of the room, and to enhance the magic we perform.  Hydrosols can be sprayed on your ritual items to enhance and create specific vibrations. And they are powerful anointing fluids, magical condensors and consecration waters.

 As they are a precious resources, we sell them in 2 ounces glass atomizers for your personal use. Spray them on your pillow for dreams, in a room to purify the space or on yourself for protection, empowerment and healing.  Hydrosols are not to be ingested, eaten or drunk.

All our green herbal material is grown on the lakou, dedicated to the spirits, and harvested without chemicals..

caleaCalea Zachatechichi - The south American dream herb. Calea zacatechichi is a medium sized shrub that has reportedly been used by the Chontal indians of Mexico as a hallucinogen. Its dried leaves are used before sleep to increase dreaming. We grow our own plants here, distilling the hydrosol with great care. Can be used prior to meditation for vision enhancement; spray on your pillow, sheets and in the bedroom to facilitate lucid dreaming.

mugwortMugwort: Artemsia vulgaris- Fresh minty scent, clean on the skin. Aids in lucid dreaming. Sprayed on skin prior to sleep, it is said to help intensify the dream state and to offer protection during the night from unwanted guests. Upon waking, it is said to help one can recall dreams with clarity.  Not to be used by pregnant or nursing women.

SeawormwoodWormwood: Artemisia absinthium - the Green Fairy herb. Primary ingredient in Absinthe. Vision inducing. Spray on skin prior to meditation. Spray your ritual space to allow good energies to arrive and participate. Not to be used by pregnant or nursing women.



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