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Kolye is creole for necklace, a reference to the huge double strands of glass beads that Kanzo initiates wear for 40 days following their ceremonies. The kolye remains with the Kanzo mama, secure in the temple from profane eyes.

But these beaded necklaces can be worn for any occasion - ritual wear, personal adornment, spiritual wealth. Czech glass and pony beads, silver lined and solid colors. 24" in length, each one is hand strung. All necklaces have been bathed in sacred Lavé waters and consecrated to the Lwa of their design.

Necklace with out the saint medal is $10.00.

Necklace with the saint medal (Italian pewter) is $15.00.

A hand made work of art for the spirit in us all. Ayibobo!


Legba beads

Legba Atibon with
St. Peter Medal

Legba beads with
St. Anthony Medal

Legba beads with
St.Lazarus medal

Loko Atissou

Loko Attisou beads with
saint medal

Ayizan Velekete


Ayizan Velekete beads with
saint medal

Dambala Wedo

Dambala Wedo beads with
saint medal


Marasa with
saint medal

Ogoun Feray

Ogoun Feray with
St. Jacques

Ogoun Feray with
St. George

Ogoun Bhalindjo

Ogoun Badagris

Ogoun Shango

Ogoun Batala

Ogoun Ossange

Erzulie Freda

Erzulie Freda with

Ezili Dantor

Ezili Dantor with

Grann Simba

Grann Simba with

Simbi Dlo

Simbi Andezo

Agwe Tawayo

Silibo Nouvavou




Bossou with
saint medal

Azaka Mede

Azaka Mede with
saint medal

Gede Nibo

Gede Nibo with
saint medal

Maman Brigitte

Maman Brigitte with
saint medal

Baron Samedi

Baron Samedi with
saint medal

Gran Bwa Ile

Gran Bwa with
saint medal

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