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LaSiren ~

is the Queen of the sea and wife of the magnificent Agwe Ta’Wayo.  She is also a necromancer, using her golden horn to call forth the Dead from under the waters. Appeals of love, both real and desired fall under her domain. Here she is envisioned as a sea creature, half human, half fish. In occult terms this means she has superseded her “animal” nature to become more fully human. Beautiful, power, dreamy and psychic, La Siren is the part of ourselves that is an illusion. She is much more than just a silly little mermaid! But -- that’s exactly what she wants you to think, as she uses her considerable talents to lure you away with her.

Lasiren is approximately 12 inches tall, and constructed of expoxy clay over a glass armature. Her head comes off, so you can place petition papers inside her body. She is finished in acrylics and a matt resin coating to keep her colors from fading.


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