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Manbo Vye Zo Komande: A Vodou Priestess in America

mamboIn early 1999, Manbo made a promise to serve Legba fully in Vodou, if he would open the way for her to do so. She found the opportunity to go to Haiti in January of 2003, and fulfilled her promise to Spirit to serve in the capacity as Manbo.  During her time in the djevo, the Lwa told her initiators that she was to be elevated to full rank, to be consecrated as Manbo Asogwe.  She took the asson under a full moon during her suleliye ceremony. She was named Manbo Vye Zo Komande la Menfo DaGinen (Old Bones  Commands With a Strong Hand, of Ginen) in January of 2003 by Oungan Dye Ki Don, Houngan Fritzner Georges of Cyvadier, honor to him

shakmah0002Manbo Vye Zo returned to Pennsylvania to work with with Manbo Shakmah Winddrum of Philadelphia, petit fey of Mambo Rose Fabre, Croix de Mission (1960) and Andre Pierre Jacques of Croix de Mission, honor to them both! Mama Shakmah had been Manbo’s spiritual teacher for 20 years and was a Gro Manbo Asogwe herself.  Much to Manbo’s sadness, Shakmah crossed the waters in November 2010, to join the ancestors in Ginen; but she bequeathed to Manbo Vye Zo her working knowledge of herbs, perfumes and the finer points of ceremonial magic in Vodou, which Shakmah  had learned from her papa asson in Haiti.

m_edgar1Manbo Vye Zo also worked with Papa Edgar Jean-Louis of Belair, Haiti. Papa Edgar was a flag maker, coffin builder and dedicated Vodou Oungan.  He traveled exstensively with a dance troupe and his artwork.  Manbo met Papa Edgar in New Orleans, and immediately connected with this great man.  She assisted at his kanzos as one of the Mama Hunyos,  crafting bathes, creating sacred foods and helping keep the djevo sacred.  Papa Edgar took Manbo Vye Zo into his family, giving her his grandparents and ancestors to serve. Papa Edgar has also crossed the waters, and so now Manbo keeps both Shakmah and Edgar’s memory alive by practicing the magic and the work she was taught by both of these great priests.

It was Manbo Vye Zo's kanzo oath to the Lwa that she would strive to help gain recognition and validation for the Vodou faith.  Her work as Manbo is dedicated to showing the world how beautiful the Vodou faith is, how generous the Lwa can be and how Vodou is the footprint for many of the faiths in the world today. Today, Manbo Vye Zo continues to fulfill her vows by writing (her book, Serving the Spirits is currently available on Amazon.com); teaching (The Four Circles program is an initiatory training program for people wishing to become priests in Vodou); and through performance and seminars (she and the house tambor James Armstrong, regularly teach at colleges and universities in the tri-state area).

Manbo is also a gifted artist, and creates all the shrines, pwen, amulets and esoteric accouterment you see within this web site.  Her gardens produce the herbs for sale here and in the paket kongo; her distillations fill our bouteys and her gift for perfumery graces all our fragrances and oils.  This aptly named web site truly represents her talents -- it is filled with Manbo Vye Zo’s mojo!

When asked why she does this work, her answer is simple "Because when I call to  the Lwa, they answer."

If you would like to know more about Vodou, Sosyete du Marche, Inc. or Manbo Vye Zo,  please contact Manbo Vye Zo. She will answer any and all questions you may have.


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