Paket Kongo

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West African magic, transformed by Haitian art, ready to work for you!


We tie the power of the Lwa by following African tradition rules and Haitian art practices. Paket Kongo are magical bundles of spiritual energy. They contain herbs, plants, minerals and animal essences, objects and materials, that draw the power and energy of the Spirit to the holder. They are then dressed in satin, beads, sequins and charms, to bring delight to the eye and pleasure to the spirits. Highly scented, powerfully blessed and energetically correct, each bundle is an offering to Spirit, designed to be both beautiful, as well as functional. Each paket is accompanied by instructions for use and maintenance.

For the Month of June we will be offering Legba Pakets  half off the usual price. Papa Legba is the Opener, the Gatekeeper and the Great Trickster. His energy can smooth the way for you in all things - work, family life, even love! Place his paket in you house or on your altar and watch how Legba can remove obstacles that seem to hinder your progress!

Paket Kongo for Papa Legba Atibon, the great Gatekeeper. When you are looking for doors to open and opportunities to come knocking, this is a great paket to place on your altar.
Paket Kongo for Papa Legba ON SALE FOR JUNE ONLY - $75.00


Paket Kongo for Papa Loko Attisou, Lwa of Houngans and priests. It is said that Loko is the wind that blows through the temple, hearing everything that happens. When you are looking to find information, place Loko's paket on your altar and listen to your dreams.
Paket Kongo for Loko Atissou $150.00

Paket Kongo for Manbo Ayizan Velekete, Lwa of the marketplace and Manbos. Ayzian owns all the markets of the world, commerce and trade are her specialty. Place her paket in your office or business, so she can bring the world to your doorstep!
Paket Kongo for Ayizan $150.00

Paket Kongo for Dambala Wedo, the Lwa of creation and all beginnings. Dambala is the great creator serpent of Vodou. With Dambala's blessings, all good things are possible. Bring Dambala's blessings into your home with his paket!
Paket Kongo for Dambala Wedo $150.00

Paket Kongo for Erzulie Freda Dahomey, the Lwa of love and abundance. Erzulie is the promise of more - more love, more wealth, more fun. Her energy infuses life with everything worth living. Bring Erzulie energy into your life.
Paket Kongo for Erzulie Freda $150.00

Paket Kongo for LaSiren, the Lwa of marriage and harmony. LaSiren is the wife of Agwe, and the mermaid of Haitian Vodou. She brings love and marriage to those who serve her faithfully. Bring LaSiren’s energy into your life.
Paket Kongo for LaSiren $150.00

Paket Kongo for Ezili Dantor, the lwa of working women and single moms. Ezili Dantor protects single women, and gives her hard working energy to working mothers all over the world.  Bring Ezili Dantor’s energy into your life.
Paket Kongo for Ezili Dantor $150.00

Paket Kongo for Agwe Tawayo, Sovereign Admiral of the open oceans. Agwe rules with supreme confidence and mastery. He owns the wealth of the oceans - minerals, oil, food. He is endless energy - just like the waves he rides in his ship, Immamou. Bring Agwe’s ceaseless energy into your life.
Paket Kongo for Agwe Tawayo $150.00

Paket Kongo for Simbi Andezo, the Lwa of magic and duality.  Simbi is a Master Magician, bringing his energy of movement and currents to the world. When you need to increase the flow between events, call on Simbi Andezo for his electric energy.
Paket Kongo for Simbi Andezo $150.00

Paket Kongo for Ogoun Feray, the Warrior of the Vodou.  Feray is a soldeir and bring his endless energy to any project you have. He offers protection and security tothose who serve him. Bring Ogoun Feray’s energy into your life!
Paket Kongo for Ogoun Feray $150.00

Paket Kongo for Maman Brigitte, the Lwa of justice and Courts. Maman Brigitte rules over the dead, and is the final arbitrator in matters of Life and Death. In Haiti, people petition her for justice for thier families. Bring her power to your court matters. Ask her for justice!
Paket Kongo for Maman Brigitte $150.00

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