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Magical powders in Haiti are used for any number of things. To bring love, to repel unwanted adversaries, to invoke protection.

To use them correctly, simply dust your hand (for luck, chance, love or employment) your resume when job hunting, in your lovers shoes so they won’t stray or in the path of an enemy or someone you want to protect yourself from. Sprinkle around your house, your desk at work and in the wheel wells of your car for protection. Their power is endless and only limited by your own imagination. Each powder comes as a 1 ounces packet with instructions. (approximately 1/4 cup)

Use these herbal based powders for your own efficacy. Pure resins, fresh herbs, and powdered minerals constitute the body of the powder. Unlike Hoodoo based formula, these contain no talcum powder. Just pure, natural ingredients. Caveat emptor: these powders are created from ground herbs, which can include pollens, nettles and other allergens. Please use with caution. We make no claim other than using real ingredients for these formulas.

accostable_smApproachable: Dust your resume with this powder to help bring on that job! You can also sprinkle this one inyour lovers shoes so they won’t walk away or around your apartment to keep it from going on the market. Lots of uses.

atoiseuf_smBring it back to Me - When doing someone a favor, sprinkle a little of this around the room, the house or the car. It will bring back to you, the same good will you put forth.

attirer_smAttraction - to bring a lover, a customer, a job or friends. This one can be used for work, for trade or for desire.

camperLoin_smTo Camp Far Away: Keep that enemy at bay with Camper Loin. Sprinkle around your desk for protection at work - or around the desk of someone you want to leave you alone.

chance_smChance: Use this to enhance your luck in gambling, work, love and relationships. Put a little in your shoes when you go to the casino and watch those numbers fall in your favor!  Put it in your pockets when you apply for a job or go to an interview. Add to other powders to enhance them!

charme_smCharm: Want to make that deal happen, whether its real estate, a car sale or a love interest? Then use this powder to help create a lovely air about you, whether for business or for love.

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