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Astarte, Queen of the Night

Astarte was the Queen of fertility, sexuality and was seen by the ancients as the deified evening star. As such, she was linked to the planet Venus and was considered the supreme goddess of love and sex.  Ursa Luna has captured that essence in her Astarte perfume oil. 
A heady blend of Jasmine, Orange blossom, Roses and Sandalwood, this lush and sensuous oil is perfect for a lovers massage, or to wear to entice a lover to you. In dark amber glass, 2ml bottle



LaSiren’s Dreams

LaSiren is the beautiful mermaid who swims in the blue waters of the oceans. Languid and beautiful, she brings the steady motion of the waves and calms any scenario.
A lush mix of Bergamot, Frankincense, Lemon blossom, Orris Root and a touch of clove for spice! Wear this sensuous oil when you need the calming influence of the waters of the world. Diffuse it to create calm and serenity in a space.  Or mix with rubbing alcohol and spray it in your temple to infuse the space with its divine blend. Brought to you in dark amber glass, 2ml bottle


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