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Hand-crafted formulas by Sosyete du Marche’s Medsin Fey Ursa Luna!


For turning up the heat in Love!
A rich, creamy soap with a delicious Jasmine and Ylang Ylang scent. Exotic, sensual and perfect for bringing up the lust in your lover! Can also be used to attract romance and passionate love making.

6 oz. soap  with Goat’s Milk, precious Jasmine and sensuous Ylang Ylang perfume oil


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Wash your hands for Good Luck!
Amazing soap that really turns your money into gold! Ursa Luna’s secret formula brings good luck in court cases, love matters, work and gambling. Just wash your hands before any endeavor and watch how you gain the Midas touch! And each bar contains a small bit of magic - a lucky Gold coin to carry for prosperity when the bar is done!

6 oz. soap with gold One dollar coin inside $10.00


SAVON de la SIREN SOAP by Ursa Luna
The Power of Intuition in Dreams!
Ursa Luna is a powerful sorceress. She works with the power of the ocean, and has placed its most magical elements is in this  bar of soap. Endless energy. Deep dreaming and spot on intuition. When you bathe with this soap, you indulge in the power of LaSiren, the sorceress of the Vodou pantheon. Try this soap and see the difference having LaSiren on your side makes!

6 oz. soap  hand-crafted with goats milk and precious essential oils. $7.50


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