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I love working with sponsors, to craft a specific workshop that speaks to their audience. I am an ordained Mambo Asogwe in Haitian Vodou, as well as an initiated Magus in the Western Mysteries via the Servants of the Light.  As a Magus, I am fully empowered to give teachings and to initiate qualified students into the mysteries.

I also teach Haitian Vodou, with the goal of initiation or, as we call it, Kanzo into our sosyete.  Classes are held both on-line and in person, with quarterly gatherings to help disseminate and practice the material with the entire sosyete. The sosyete is about 20 people strong. Anymore than that would become impersonal. However, it is not my right to withhold the blessing of spirit and so we do offer Ounsi ranks to those who wish to devote themselves to the path of the Lwa. Once kanzo, you become a son or daughter of the house and receive my attention fully.

One day lectures are $750.00 plus travel. Lectures with Rituals are $1200.00 plus travel. Please contact me for details on any of the offerings or something more in line with your gathering.

Legba2 (405)Magic, Movement, Mantra - the 3Ms of Power

Movement is part of my personal spiritual practice. We dance our prayers and sweat our intentions. In Vodou, music, drums and dance make up a powerful vibrational crossroad that brings Spirit down into our temples. We also sing our desires. Combined with dance and movement, the magic begins as soon as we step out and make music with our feet! It doesn't matter if you can sing or not, dance or not! Spirit only cares about energy and the energy we will raise will call the powers of the world into our presence!

This class is designed to help you become more than just a voice or just a dancer. A good magician can do either. An excellent magician can do both. But a powerful magician can combine all three into a harmonious practice that will always call Spirit into partnership. We will drum, dance and sing our way into new planes of energy and existence. Be ready to become more than who you thought you were!

Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and to bring a mat to sit on.

EarthAirFireWaterThe Elements Workshops - Cosmic Earth, Air, Fire and Water: Lecture with Ritual

This is a four part workshop that can be done over a long weekend or broken into single offerings. Each element has a unique and powerful ritual that is constructed during the lecture. Due to the amount of work involved, I usually ask that these lecture be limited to no more than 6 or 7 people.

Cosmic Earth - The first in the series, this lecture sets a foundation for us to build upon.  We will discuss Ancestors, both blood related and non-related. How we come to choose our path in life is an expression of the ancestors we carry.  And most importantly, why working with the ancestors can settle even the rockiest of lives.  The ritual is the Feast of the Govis, and it will empower you to call upon those dearly departed who have your back at all times

Cosmic Air - This lecture focuses on Legba as the prodigious creator of language and bringer of powerful words. We will sing, write out petitions and invoke his energy into our work. The Ritual is the Gateway of Intentions, a very special working done at night to illuminate our desires.

Cosmic Fire - Learning to handle Fire both elementally and emotionally. The Fire goddesses and the lessons they give us. Fire as a creative source of energy as well as destruction. Respect for the energy of fire and how to harness its alchemical properties to help you succeed in life. The ritual is the Boule Zin or the fire ritual of Haitian Vodou. Boule Zin is an alchemical offering to the ancestors, and will burn off the dross, leaving you tempered for all of life’s challenges.

Cosmic Water - perhaps the most powerful of the series. In this lecture, we will look at the powerful entities who use water as their fluid of choice for making change and offering challenges in the world. Poseidon, his mermaids and mermen and all the elemental energies of water will be looked to and invoked to make change for us. The ritual is the Lave Tet or head washing of Haitian Vodou.  A lovingly designed and blessed offering, the head washing cleanses and clears old patterns of thinking and acting.

wpid-queennzinga-185kibf1Black Isis -- Lecture and Ritual

From Queen Makeda who birthed Menelyk and gave rise to the kingdom of Hallie Selassie to Queen Nzinga of the Kongo who fought off the Portuguese, the Caribbean world is filled with strong feminine figures who turned the tides of history to their favor. In this lecture, we will take a look at these amazing women and see how their words, their deeds and their memory is kept alive today in ritual and song. From the African sisters Erzulie Freda and Ezili Dantor to real life queens like La Riene Kongo (Nzinga) and Anacoana of the Taino, the Black Isis of the world still reign today with beauty and splendor. We will look at the historic record to see how the Black Isis legend was formed, how it expressed itself in the colonial Caribbean world and how it is still a dominant practice to this day.

Four Sessions of approximately 1.5 hours.  Each session builds upon the previous. Session One: Black Isis as Giver of Life. Session two: The Angel of Resurrection. Session Three: A Mystery Religion for Everyone.  Session Four: Queens, Poets and Stateswomen.  The evening ritual is the Adoration of the Black Isis.

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